Scoglio del Monacone

Scoglio del Monacone

Monacon’s Rock – A Little History

  • The Scoglio appears as a very steep little islet navigating south towards the Faraglioni named after the Mediterranean Monk Seal , which lived in that area until 1904. In the past it was possible to access of island
  • Through the crossing of a passage in the rock now collapsed.

    Monacon’s Rock – The Legend of Masgaba

    On the rocks of the Monacon are still present Roman walls, a legend attributes these remains to the tomb of the Architect, Emperor Augusto, Masgaba .

    Others attribute those remains to the structures of a rabbit fence. The rock would practically be used to isolate rabbit breeding, or salting fish. The use of structural remains seems to have continued until the early 1800’s. An assumption is that the tomb of the architect of Augusto has been and have been used its remains in a very practical way by the inhabitants of the island of Capri.

    Monsoon Rock – Fauna

    On the rocks it is possible to see the famous blue lizard Blue lizard ( Podarcis siculus coeruleus) is a particular version of the countryside lizard is a species of the Faraglioni of Capri, Faraglione di Fuori and Faraglione di Mezzo. The blue lizard has been seen recently, however, only some photos dating back to 2005 are found on the web.



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