Roberto Gianani

Roberto Gianani

The polyhedric intellectual who loved the Island as no one!

Roberto Gianani, who disappeared on 19 August 2013, was one of the men who recently contributed to the promotion of the island of Capri.

His love for the island, for Anacapri in a particular way, can not be defined. Entrepreneur, journalist, poet, writer, creator of the Prize Bruno Lauzi, creator of ISOLA magazine, who was also director, left a deep spiritual and cultural bond with his work at Capri.

He lived between Vietri sul Mare, where he leads a company that produces precious ceramics, and his home in Anacapri. Known and loved by everyone, he has written poems, songs and articles. His first book is titled “A Dinner with the Moon” (Una Cena con la Luna), a collection of stories about the wandering navigation of a writer who tells stories of fishermen, errant poets, beautiful women, artists and playboy.



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Tuesday August 22nd, 2017