Piazzetta of Capri

The Piazzetta of Capri, one of the most popular and famous squares in the world.

The Piazzetta, called by Capresi villagers, has become one of the glamorous places of the world thanks to the happy intuition of the young Raffaele Vuotto, who by setting up comfortable chairs and tables in front of the bar and offering an accurate table service in In 1938, he transformed the central square of Capri, Piazza Umberto I, into one of the most famous lounges in the world.

The famous bars of the Piazzetta: Caffè Caso, Piccolo Bar, Grand Café, Bar Tiberio

It’s not difficult, in fact, sitting in one of the famous bars of the Piazzetta, the Cafè Caso, the Piccolo Bar, the Grand Cafe or the Bar Tiberius, standing beside actors, singers, TV characters, journalists, writers, entrepreneurs or famous sportsmen. Often you can hear the sound of sparkling wine bottles that are opened for a toast or the flash of some photographers who immortalize some famous character visiting the island of Capri.
A good coffee comfortably seated in Piazzetta does not cost more than 5 euros. Our advice and enjoy this beautiful little square that, just for what it offers, deserves a stop for a cocktail or a glass of prosecco.

From Piazzetta of Capri you can reach the monuments, attractions and the most famous boutiques on the island

The Piazzetta, as well as offering you the spectacle of the former Cathedral of Santo Stefano, of the Clock Tower, the famous Capri image known all over the world, the small flowery staircase, a place of thousands of selfies for tourists, leading to the main street of Shopping in Capri, Via Camerelle and Via le Botteghe. There are also important boutiques in Via Longano and Via Roma, which are always reachable from here.
What’s more, the Piazzetta is conveniently located above the Funicular Station and a few steps from the main Capri bus station and the taxi departing area.

The Piazzetta of Capri remembers some illustrious Capri residents and a King

The square, being the most important square in Capri, also has the task of reminding tourists and capers of the history of the island and beyond. Several epigraphs are distributed in the square.
One remembers the doctor and Count of Capri Gennaro Felice Arcucci, the second is dedicated to Francesco Spadaro, the famous Capri fisherman, so much to be immortalized in the tourist postcards of the Island. A third epigraph commemorates falls in the two wars that Capri has suffered, a fourth is in honor of King Victor Emmanuel II, Father of the Homeland. The last one is a bronze bas-relief, placed on the wall of the Piccolo Bar in memory of the protagonist of what is now the Piazzetta, its “inventor” Raffaele Vuotto.

A recommendation from MyCapri’s staff

Do not forget to look out onto the terrace above the funicular station in front of the Clock Tower, from here you can admire a wonderful spectacle. Looking west to east you will see Monte Solaro, the Fenicia staircase, the Capri Acquaviva, Marucella and Marina Grande districts, but above all a fence of Ischia, Procida the Campi Flegrei, Naples, the immense Vesuvius up to the beginning of the Sorrento Coast …
Let us have a tip, wait here for the sunset with your camera or your smartphone, and take a wonderful photo of your visit to Capri Island here, the spectacle you see at sunset is beautiful and very romantic. One last thing, a few steps from the terrace, if you are tasting a delicious local specialty, the Caprese Cake, know that Bar Alberto prepares the best cakes on the island.



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Sunday August 6th, 2017