The Phoenician Scale, which was built by the Greeks …

Well known as the Scala Fenicia, the staircase, originally excavated in stone, has 921 steps, which connects the Capri area of ​​Marina Grande, near the Church of San Costanto, to Anacapri, and reaches Villa San Michele. It was built by the Greeks and not by the Phoenicians between the IV and IIV century BC.

The Water Scale.

Not everyone knows that the only source of fresh water on the Isle is the source of Truglio, the source is in the Marina Grande area. In fact, the Fenicia Scale was essential for the transport of water in the case of scarce rainfall. The women had the task of carrying up and down the 921 steps of the ladder of goods and first-class goods. They loaded the baskets of products and the water or wine horns on their heads, and with force and consistency they allowed the exchange of essential products with the port. Imagine how hard it was for the first tourists to reach Anacapri. The road now also accessible by coach and truck was built only in 1874.

MyCapri Staff advice to visit the Phenicia Scale

The Fenicia Scala offers spectacular views and a unique experience to get to know the Island and its history in depth. The Scale is practicable in both directions. Our advice is to climb it, get off at Anacapri is very nice and even easier, but being very steep and with high stairs we recommend to go to Capri only if you have good knees and strong joints.
The climb can be done at stages, first to enjoy the beautiful views that will leave you open. Along the way you will encounter an ancient Chapel dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua.

The Map of The Phoenician Steps from Open Street Map

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Tuesday August 15th, 2017