You know yourself? An Anacapri Park will help you in the search.

In Capri there is a place where, more than others, they are invited to reflect and think of philosophy, the ideas of the greatest thinkers and about themselves.

This special place is the Philosophical Park, a special garden enriched with special ceramics in which are painted the aphorisms of the greatest thinkers of all times of the West and the East.

The Park is located in the Anacapri area called the “Migliera”. You can reach the Park from a walk that starts from the center of Anacapri and which, in addition to the Filosofico Park, allows you to arrive to the Belvedere della Migliera.

The park was created and managed through a foundation by the Swedish economist Gunnar Adler Karlsson. The Adler Karlisson family lives a few steps from the Park where he lives for years.

The Philosophical Park is managed by the non-profit foundation Adler-Ehrnford-Karlsson. The Foundation aims to preserve the Mediterranean spot and scrub by allowing it to grow spontaneously.

From this link you can download the Map of the Philosophical Park.



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Friday August 11th, 2017