la palette



The La Palette restaurant, founded in the 1960s by the violinist Paolo Falco, is a historical reality of the island. The restaurant along with La Reginella Guesthouse was a real haven for artists including many musicians and painters. Here, here they gathered to discuss art and eat the typical caprese cuisine
The new management led by the young Celio generation, in the person of Alfredo Celio. Alfredo has maintained the tradition and style of the restaurant, renovating the restaurant but leaving a trace of a rich flavor and art past.
The cuisine exalts the raw materials and the Capri tradition, but thanks to a new Chef’s interpretation, you will be satisfied with the taste and originality of the recipes.
The panoramic terrace of the Restaurant is the ideal space for romantic tête-à-tête moonlight. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of Marina Piccola Bay. The sunset from this terrace is magical.
The restaurant can organize events, banquets and business lunches.




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Friday July 21st, 2017