The Fortini trail winds around 5 Km along the western coast of the island of Capri.

The road, which crosses green areas of Mediterranean scrub, climbs on rocky promontories and then rises in coves like Cala del Tombosiello, derives its name from the presence of strongholds of sighting and defense: the best known are Fortino Mesola and Fortino Orrico . Completely built in stone, as defensive bullets against the raids of Saracen pirates, the fortresses of Capri were later used by the English and the French during the Napoleonic wars.

In 1998, funds from the European Community allowed the municipality of Anacapri to proceed to their restoration and the construction of the link paths. Fortini’s trail is today an Ecomuseum marked by majolica that illustrates its history, flora and fauna.

Fortino Orrico
Fort Orrico is about 30 meters above sea level on the Punta del Miglio, near the Blue Grotto. It has semicircular structure and diameter of about 20 meters with thick walls 2 meters; Inside there were the two cannons, whose line of fire, crossing that of the fortress of Campetiello and the fort of Pino, created an obstacle inalienable for any ship.

Fortino Mesola
The Fortino di Mesola rises on the Campetiello promontory and takes its name from the homonymous family of the land. The building has a circular structure within which two cannons were positioned. The find of small tools of obsidian has attested a frequentation of the Campitiello area since ancient times. A staircase carved in the rock is, instead, the remains of an ancient Roman port.

Fortino di Pino
The Fortino di Pino is the closest to the Punta Carena Lighthouse. It has a circular structure with an outside diameter of 60 meters; The interior is, instead, rectangular and is 40 meters above sea level. From its position were controlled the Cala di Mezzo to the north and the Cala del Limmo to the south.

The path connects Punta Carena to Punta dell’Arcera below the road that leads from Anacapri to the Blue Cave. From here you can return to the center of Anacapri by bus or taxi.

Overall length: about 5 km.
Travel time: 4-5 hours.



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Thursday April 16th, 2015