Friedrich Alfred Krupp, il re dei cannoni


Friedrich Alfred Krupp (Essen, 1854-1902), nicknamed the “the cannons king”, was a great German industrial after inheriting in 1887 by his grandfather Friedrich Krupp and his father Alfred Krupp’s the family propertys.

Friedrich Alfred Krupp was one of the most passionate lovers in Capri, where he lived regularly and where he was able to carry out, with his two Yachts, the Maya and the Puritain, an important biological marine research on the plankton, working with the Zoological Research Offices of Naples.

In Capri, Krupp never owned a villa, but lived in Hotel Quisisana. Waiting to build one, he had bought all the vast land between Certosa and Castiglione, creating a park renamed after the First World War, “Augustus’s Gardens”..

During the early 1900s Friedrich Alfred Krupp built the important panoramic road, the famous Krupp Street. Via Krupp descends from the historic center of Capri, with a series of spectacular curves builted in the rock by the engineer Emilio Mayer , to Marina Piccola.

In November 1902, the German newspaper Vorwärts declared that Krupp was homosexual and had had numerous relationships with boys on the island. Following this scandal, Krupp was expelled from Italy and about a year later he died, perhaps suicidal, in his villa in Essen.


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Thursday April 16th, 2015