Antonio Viva Capri Sandals

The best of Capri Sandals, really handmade. If you love hand-made caprice sandals you're on the ideal web page to match your search.

On the island of Capri, in the famous Via Orlandi in Anacapri, you will find the charming shop of Master Antonio Viva. His historic banquet: tools, nails, multicolored strips, leather soles of various sizes, decorations, stones, which make its sandals unique in the world. He says to his customers: "Do not worry, choose your model and as you return from the walk will they will be ready!".

The beauty of its sandals and the variety of solutions available in its store are a real joy to the eyes and mind. Colors, accessories, materials and manufacturing combined with Antonio Viva's experience make the moment of purchase unforgettable.

Buy your customized sandals from the Master Antonio Viva!