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Exploring Capri on a motor scooter

Tourists visiting Capri between the months of March and November should be aware that traffic restrictions allowing the circulation of residents’ vehicles only will be in place. So what is the best way to enjoy the island? Renting a motor scooter is a fast and easy...

Tourist itineraries: villas and museums in Capri.

A walk through Capri is like a walk through a museum. Villas, historical sites and paths, contribute to creating a unique and unforgettable cultural experience even to the most discerning visitor. Here are a few villas and museums which we recommend visiting during...

Ey Capri Digital Summit

In these hours (October 4-6 2018), The Ey Capri Digital Summit takes place in Capri. The Summit, is widely recognized as Italy’s premier event on the state of art of digital transformation, where priorities are discussed and project results shared to help drive...